Fishing & Nature

Fishing & Nature

Anglers from across Canada and the US travel to our lake for the fishing opportunities. Only 2 ½ hours north of the border, you can experience the most awesome fishing without the huge travelling costs.

Black Donald/Centennial Lake was created in our Centennial year 1967 as a reservoir for the production of hydro electric power. This lake is part of the Madawaska River watershed. Numerous islands in the lake, and the rocky shoreline provide a complex and sustainable ecosystem for our fish habitat.

At The White Pines, the kids can have fun fishing right off of the docks. There are numerous trout lakes in the area that are just a short drive or walk away. We do have a map of the lake available at the office. During the winter, we have an insulated fishing hut for your convenience that is strategically placed for great ice fishing.

Game fish species in Black Donald Lake include walleye (pickerel), smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, muskie, northern pike, channel catfish, whitefish, yellow perch, brown bullhead, burbot and rock bass.

Small and Largemouth bass fishing is like getting into a boxing ring. The fight is what it is all about. We have a tremendous bass population with our season running from the 4th Saturday in June to November 30th. Traditionally, the best fishing occurs with the cooler waters in late June and September/October.

Our walleye is native to our lake and is our most popular species to fish. There are conservation restrictions on this lake for the walleye, which include a 20″ minimum size and a two fish limit (1 per conservation license). This helps the walleye population to grow, offering a good search for that trophy fish.

The season runs from the 3rd Saturday in May to March 15th. We find jigging with night crawlers seems to give anglers the best luck.

Northern pike and musky—-Wow! Hang on! We have had some trophies come out of this lake, but the campfires stories about the one that got away provide as much fun. Pike opens up the 3rd Saturday in May, and closes March 15th. The season for musky is the 4th Saturday in June to November 30th.

Wildlife & Nature at The White Pines

The rugged topography is habitat to abundant wildlife. There are white tailed deer, moose, bears, raccoons, otter, mink, wolves and fox, to name a few. The bird enthusiasts will be overwhelmed with over 60 species of birds. There are eagles, osprey, common loons, great blue herons, ducks and numerous smaller birds. You will be treated to our resident pileated woodpeckers, North America’s largest woodpecker.

Listen to the soothing environmental sounds of the cicada and crickets chirping, deep base of the groaning bullfrogs, and the wind whispering through the trees. Feel your stress disappear as you relax by the waters edge.

Wake up to a breathtaking sunrise, sit on your deck and watch the show. From the loons calling to the occasional howling of wolves, this is an experience that defies description.

As a nature enthusiast, I find endless opportunities for picture taking in the Madawaska Highlands. Wildlife and nature photography has allowed me to capture and share images of our surrounding beauty.